Everyone’s gearing up for their trip to Karnaca in Dishonored 2, which is coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 11th. While you’re patiently waiting (or not so patiently, in my case), you can tide yourself over with this new video series, which explores the lore of the Dishonored world, and will let us peer into parts of the Empire of the Isles that we’ve never seen. Only the first two videos are available now, but more are coming in the weeks leading up to the game’s release. 

Here are the two videos currently posted on Bethesda’s blog, complete with a little explanation for each. 

Granny Rags

She started life as Vera Moray, an aristocrat, but ended as Granny Rags, feeding rats in the alleys, frail and blind. In the Empire of the Isles, you will learn that such assumptions are folly. For those who seem frail are often ferocious, and there are better ways to see than through eyes turned white with age.



Anton Sokolov

Anton Sokolov, natural philosopher, artist and inventor. His accomplishments garnered great renown. But the shadows cast by such a figure are longer than most, and his tale is intertwined with Dunwall’s darkest, most oppressive times.

We’ll be following the video series here at The Outerhaven, so stay tuned for updates and more Dishonored 2 news.

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