Acceptable Comics’ Steve Lichman is a must-have comic celebrating and skewering everything we know and love about the fantasy/rpg genre. The book follows Steve, the dreadlord of a dungeon, as he navigates everyday life alongside his monstrous buddies. Creators Dave Rapoza and Dan Warren, who’ve worked on insanely popular things—Magic the Gathering, The Witcher 3, Dark Horse Comics—have delivered a consistently entertaining and hilarious book with Volume 1, so make sure you back Volume 2 on Kickstarter while it’s still live.


The project comes with some pretty awesome perks at the higher tiers, like original art or a set of “Mystic: The Togethering” cards (I want those cards). It’s also a pretty good sign that you’ll be getting a great product when the Kickstarter page is so full of personality. I mean, I would pay for the tier artwork if they’d take my money, especially the “Samurai Edition” artwork.


I backed Volume 1, and it was the single best thing I’ve backed since I began scratching my crowdfunding itch. In case you missed the first time around, each tier on the current Volume 2 project features an “advanced” version for a few extra bucks, and you can snag Volume 1 that way. Don’t pass it up, because these are high-quality books that look great on a shelf.


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