Turtonator Revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon

This new Pokemon is one no trainer should take lightly

Yet another new Pokemon found in Pokemon Sun and Moon was revealed today on The Official Pokemon Channel. Turtonator, a Fire-Dragon type, is the latest addition to Sun and Moon’s already impressive line-up of new Pokemon. It seems like Game Freak still has plenty of unique ideas for new catchable monsters, the latest being one of its best yet. 

Turtonator, a rather intimidating turtle with a fiery shell, boasts a unique attack called “Shell Trap”. The move looks to be a powerful counter, as Turtonator is able to create a massive explosion that deals major damage to his opponent. The new Pokemon also has the ability “Shell Armor”, which prevents critical hits.

More details about Turtonator’s natural behavior are given in great detail on the official Pokemon Sun and Moon website. The Fire-Dragon type has developed a shell made mostly from sulfur, which allows it to unleash its explosive attacks. 


Nintendo has steadily released new teasers for Pokemon Sun and Moon for weeks now, months ahead of its holiday launch. The game’s villains have been revealed, and new forms of classic Pokemon have been showcased. We’ve also been introduced to over a dozen new Pokemon found only in the Alola Region.  

You can experience the Alola Region for yourself when Pokemon Sun and Moon launches on November 18th.