When it comes to heroic exploits in the Mushroom Kingdom, there’s no question who gets almost all the glory, but a new trailer for Paper Mario: Color Splash, the latest in the whimsical RPG franchise, makes the case that Princess Peach’s little drone bee subjects deserve some of the credit. Titled “Rescue V: Episode One,” the video shows off many of the various sacrifices these normally cowardly Toads make in order to aid Mario on his way toward restoring color to the kingdom. Whether forming steps, bridges, train tracks, or other arrangements, these unsung heroes allow themselves to be trampled for the greater good. They also seem to be able to team up and combine their forces in order to perform physical feats like pulling large plants that block Mario’s path out of their pots.

The trailer shows off some of the low-level puzzling obstacles that players will encounter, as well as the kind of good-natured, witty humor that the series is known for, poking fun at itself and the whole Mario universe in general. While many have expressed disappointment at the lack of distinguishable characters joining the heroic plumber on his quest, there’s no denying that these Toads will provide plenty of entertainment in their pursuit of recognition.

You can check out all the righteous indignation for yourself in the trailer below. Paper Mario: Color Splash marks one of the last major known releases for the Wii U this year, and will be available on October 7th.


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