Check out Some WWE 2K17 Backstage Brawl and Ladder Match Footage

As we get closer to the release of WWE 2K17 (the game is a little under 2 months away,) more details concerning the game are coming out. Courtesy of IGN, we now have glimpses of two of the revamped and renewed modes in WWE 2K, the Ladder Match and the Backstage Brawls.

This video, exhibiting the ladder match changes, shows off some of the new tech that make up the ladder match. 25 seconds in, we see the roll-out system in play, as well as the new mechanic for the retrieving the briefcase.


Taking a look at the item retrieval mechanic, it has changed from previous years where you simply had to press down on the right stick to loosen the item enough to pull it down. Now, you have to get a red dot into the hole of the rotating circle in the middle in order to loosen the case. While it goes at a moderately accessible speed while you’re alone on the ladder, if your opponent hits you, the circle speeds up for a short time. By an educated guess, it seems as if you have to fill the inner grey circle all the way green in order to get the briefcase.

The second mechanic is the Roll-out system, which you can see by looking at the HUD for Seth Rollins (in the bottom middle.) As previously detailed in an earlier feature rundown, the Roll-Out system forces you out of the ring in multi-man matches, and allows you to recover. It’s not exactly known what buff is given, however, as you can see in the video, Seth easily recovers. You can also see that pushing down the ladder is now changed as well. Instead of just grappling the ladder and getting an automatic reaction, you now have to mash out the circle or B button to knock the ladder down.

You can also set up the ladder as a bridge between the apron and barricade as indicated in the previous feature rundown.


Backstage Brawls are also back, and they haven’t changed too much from the previous iterations before 2K bought the property. Much like in previous backstage brawls, there are weapons you can utilize as well as area hotspots where you can interact and shift from place to place. In the video above, they show off many of the interactions, such as a scene transition into the Authority’s office, where you can either get a split-screen view, or an interaction with Triple H.

While there are more to be seen in the coming weeks, WWE 2K17 seems to be taking shape. In addition, it has been confirmed that the Brand Split will NOT be in WWE 2K17 at launch, but may be included in a future DLC expansion.

WWE 2K17 releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 11th.

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