Last week, WWE 2K Executive Producer, Mark Little, put out a blog post detailing some of the changes coming to WWE 2K17. On the day before that, however, IGN’s Vincent Ingenito got an opportunity to play a build of WWE 2K17, and has detailed some of the biggest changes in the game so far. For the interest of time, I’ll condense the information:

Ladder Matches have been heavily re-tooled:

One of the bigger issues with ladder matches was getting the ladder set up correctly underneath the briefcase or title hanging above the ring. Add to that the limited places you can place the ladder, and you have an awkward ladder match every time. This year, however, ladder matches (and by proxy, Money in the Bank and TLC matches,) have been improved. The ladder can only be set up in 5 specific locations this year, including the exact center of the ring. This allows for players to have easier access to the object hanging over the ring, without having to play mathematician. You can also set up a ladder bridge between the ring apron and the barricade, allowing for some creative spots, much like in real life Money in the Bank and TLC matches.

The Roll-Out System makes its debut:

Multi-man matches now feel like they do on TV thanks to the new Roll-Out system. Did you take a huge burst of damage? Your character will roll out of the ring for a set period of time to recover. Do you take the advantage and stay out of the ring until you’re healed? Do so, and you’ll get a buff that will last for quite some time. You can also roll back in early to break up a potential pin attempt to keep the match going.

Taunts are now an integral part of gameplay:

Much like in Street Fighter III: Third Strike, taunts in WWE 2K17 give small buffs when performed. Certain taunts give temporary momentum rate increases, while others may give temporary damage increases. You can also taunt in more places, so finding the right time to taunt can help turn momentum in your favor at anytime.

Reversals have a wider window:

Anyone who played WWE 2K16 knows that the reversal window was really tight, especially for Major Reversals, the newest addition. Major Reversals play a huge role this year, as the windows for reversals are looser, but these major reversals can now lock out your opponent’s reversal opportunities. Meter management, a staple in fighting games, becomes more apparent here.

Backstage Brawls are back:

You can either start in a backstage brawl where the match ends by knockout, or you can take a No DQ match backstage. There are also backstage only OMG! moments, adding to the depth of fighting backstage. You can also fight in the crowd no matter what the match type.

Chain Wrestling has been tweaked:

Chain Wrestling, one of the additions to WWE 2K15, has been retooled where it won’t automatically start at the beginning of the match. It can happen when both wrestlers grapple at the same time, or based on the superstar’s style and personality, however.

Two ways to make your opponent tap like Savion Glover:

Players will have more control over submission attempts, as the submission system has been tightened up a bit. In WWE 2K16, the submission wheel system, brought in from UFC Undisputed 3, felt loose and slippery, making submitting your opponent quite difficult at times. In addition, the BreakingPoint submission system makes its return, for players who would prefer to mash buttons.

That’s all we got for WWE 2K17 so far. WWE 2K17 will release on October 11th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows platforms.

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