Today, Gamespot released an interview with Scott Mercer, Overwatch’s Principal Designer, in which he confirmed that a one-hero limit will be implemented in competitive mode going forward. The article did not specify when this change would be coming. However, Mercer stressed that quick-play would remain unchanged in this regard. He also talked about how Season 2 will not utilize sudden death. Instead, Blizzard will introduce ties, though the exact details remain a mystery.

In addition to these changes to competitive, some upcoming character balances were revealed as well. Zenyatta will be getting shield and speed boosts to increase survivability. Meanwhile, D.Va’s shield will be changed to run on a meter, similar to Reinhardt. These changes will be coming in the next patch, though the notes are unavailable as of now.

Of course, the biggest news of the day is still the first new character to be introduced to Overwatch, Ana. However, some of these changes will have just as much impact on competitive play. At the very least, we’ll no longer have to deal with “Winston rushes”.