Ana Joins Overwatch as the Newest Hero

It was revealed today that the newest hero to join the Overwatch roster will be Ana. She is a sniper who uses the Biotic Rifle teased by Blizzard’s twitter account last week.

The gun’s darts will heal allies, but incur damage-over-time on your enemies. Her alternate fire will be a sleeping dart (self-explanatory). Ana also has Biotic Grenades at her disposal, which can heal allies in a way similar to Soldier 76’s Biotic Field, but can also be used to block foes from being healed. Finally, her ultimate (called Nano Boost) boosts teammates’ damage, speed, and shields. All of these abilities are available to test as of today in the Public Test Realm on PC.

Additional information regarding the future of Overwatch was released earlier today from an interview with Scott Mercer.

It should be noted that Blizzard Entertainment will be hosting an Overwatch information event on July 21.  A character gameplay trailer and a character origins trailer were released which you can view below.

Ana Screenshots

Ana Ana


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