So much news dropped or “leaked” in the world of Sony this past week that you good folks get a double serving of SonyCentric this week. That’s right, a whole episode in addition to our E3 post-game. Just to show you all what a kind and magnanimous individual I am, I even found a great picture of Andrew House for the thumbnail. 

The big scoop, obviously, is that the big man himself officially confirmed Playstation Neo, aka “PS4.5”. Sony also announced that it won’t be at E3. But there is so much more, folks. Horizon Zero Dawn was delayed until next year. Final Fantasy XII is getting a remaster. It’s certainly an interesting time to be part of the Nation.

As always I’m your host, Jason Kwasnicki (@SolidKwas). Mark Sullivan is your co-host (@nibelheimian), and he is really good at making lists.

Big shout out goes to Rukunetsu for the sweet BGM track. Check out his channel over at

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