Deals: Capcom Sale on PSN

It seems that during our fast approach to E3, games are being discounted left and right. Yesterday, we got four great games heavily discounted on Playstation Network, a discount on Xbox Live, and now, Capcom is offering up some amazing deals on PSN for as low a $3.50. I mean, when a game is $3.50, you have to buy it, don’t you?

You can check out the full list of discounts here, but the real must-haves are:


Street Fighter V (PS4) – $40.19


Megaman Legacy Collection (PS4) – $10.04


Okami (PS3) – $5.59

While there are a few good deals on PS4, those still gaming on PS3 have the most to get excited about. Seriously, if you own a PS3 and you haven’t played Okami, then get on it.