Deals: Get 12 Months of Xbox Live for $32.99 at Newegg

This helpful tip comes from Reddit user “Johnsypin”, so be sure to stop by the Xbox One Subreddit and say thanks. To get the discounted price, head on over to Newegg by clicking this link, select the 12-month gold membership and finally “Get the Code”. Afterwards, you’ll need to enter your email address so that you can enable the promo code section and the enter “EMCEKEL84”. 


The end result will be $7.00 be dropped off the original $39.99 asking price. Continue to check out the 12-month gold membership and then enter your billing info. Once you’ve completed the checkout, you’ll be sent the membership via email.


No idea how long this is going to last, but 12-months of Xbox Live Gold for just $32.99 is a steal. Definitely make sure you jump on this!