In our predictions for Microsoft’s E3 Conference, we briefly spoke on the possibility of a new Xbox One Controller. Lo and behold, Microsoft unveiled their newest streamlined Xbox One Controller at their conference earlier this afternoon. In addition, Xbox announced their new Xbox Design Lab, which will allow you to customize your controller in several different ways, as well as a Gears of War themed Xbox Elite Controller.


First off, the new Xbox One Controller has a textured grip to enhance comfort, as well as a very sleek and streamlined design in white. Also, this new controller has a Bluetooth radio, giving easy wireless access to your Windows 10 PCs and tablets, once the Windows 10 Anniversary Update makes its way to Windows 10 devices. The new Xbox Wireless Controller will be available starting this August for $59.99 USD.


Update: The Xbox Design Lab is now live here and you can get to work making your masterpiece.

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller will gain a Gears of War 4 variant, and will be available in “very limited quantities” in early October for $199.99, with pre-orders starting this week.


Finally, fans also can create one of a kind Xbox Wireless Controller using the Xbox Design Lab. With over 8 million color variations to customize the body of the controller, thumbsticks, face buttons, d-pad and more, every controller is custom made to order and shipped directly to the player.


The Xbox Design Lab is now open to players in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico at Controllers ordered through the Xbox Design Lab cost $79.99 USD, with Laser Engraving for an additional $9.99, bringing the total potential price to $89.98 USD.


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