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I’m a big fan of headphones and headsets. I’ve owned several in the last few years and have used them for multiple purposes: gaming, listening to music, video, and audio production. You name it, I did it. If I could, I would probably buy the best headphone/headset from each of the top of the line companies and just have them line my wall above my computer desk, ready for use for several individual purposes. But what if you can only have one? Well, Kingston says they have the answer; that answer is the Cloud Revolver from their HyperX line of products.

Name: Hyper X Cloud Revolver
Manufacturer: Kingston Technologies
Price: USD$150 (currently selling for $120)
Release Date: March 29, 2016

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When first opening the package, the most immediate thing that I noticed was the premium packaging that the headset came in: a pure black box with the HyperX logo. Upon opening the package I was greeted by the headset, cradled in foam packaging, and my excitement only grew from there.

Upon removing the contents of the package, the contents aren’t much more than the headset itself, the audio control box with the 3.5mm mic and headphone plugs, as well as the detachable boom microphone.

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The complete HyperX Cloud Revolver package

The headset itself features memory foam earcups, which form to the ear, and a metal suspension headband, which is comprised of a single piece of metal from cup to cup. The sweet thing about the headset is how it forms to fit your head, and it stays in place. Most headsets that I owned did not form properly to my head, creating a constant annoyance when it came to adjusting the headset, especially since I like to wear fitted and snapbacks everywhere I go, with the rare occasion where I just go hat-less. The Cloud Revolver solves that problem, and for that, I was not only relieved, but I was grateful.

The comfort level of the Cloud Revolver, to me at least, is some kind of beautiful. Since it is marketed for use on Xbox One, PS4, WiiU, Mac, PC and mobile, I’ve been putting it through the paces for the last week, and I don’t think I can go back to my old Skullcandy Hesh 2s or my PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset ever again. From 7 hour Overwatch sessions, to riding the Lexington Avenue Express train to work and listening to Little Brother’s The Minstrel Show (go listen to that album, it’s a treasure,) or just keeping the noise down during a gaming session while everyone’s asleep, there isn’t one uncomfortable moment while utilizing the HyperX Cloud Revolver. As I marveled during a recent session of Overwatch, I nearly forgot that I had the headset on my head. It should be noted that I have a slightly bigger head than most people, but it didn’t seem to be a problem at all.

Sound quality-wise, the Cloud Revolver isn’t really revolutionary, as it’s simply a stereo headset, but the bass on these cans are pretty good for a 2 channel headset. As I’m writing this review, I’m listening to Kanye West’s College Dropout, and the lows are really nice, and the sound is pretty clear. While playing Overwatch, I could hear everything around me, and that’s a huge help when you hear “IT’S HIGH NOON.” No one wants to hear that…until McCree gets nerfed. All of this with the help of 50mm drivers in the ear cups, delivering the bass directly to your ear canals.

As for the microphone, I’ve already recorded a couple podcasts using the Cloud Revolver (listen to one here,) as well as made a few phone calls, and it’s clear as day. I’m used to using cardioid microphones to record podcasts, but I don’t believe I’ll be going back to using cardioid or hyper-cardioid microphones to record anything after using the HyperX Cloud Revolver. The microphone is uni-directional, as well as noise-canceling, so any sound that isn’t coming directly from your mouth won’t transmit through the microphone. If you’re not comfortable with the microphone’s position, it’s flexible, so you can place it anywhere you feel that the mic will be effective during those long gaming sessions. It’s also detachable, so if you’re in the mood to just listen to music, or even just not transmit voice while gaming, the choice is yours. Just be careful not to misplace it though.

*Review unit supplied by the manufacturer.


It’s a fantastic piece of hardware that will be a compliment to anyone who wants a quality gaming headset, or just something comfortable to listen to music while traveling to work. The design isn’t gaudy, and the detachable microphone becomes your biggest ally when traveling. The sheer flexibility (and I’m not talking about the microphone) of the headset, whether you’re talking on a cell phone, communicating in-game or recording a piece of audio, presents itself in spades with the HyperX Cloud Revolver, and the value definitely speaks for itself.


  • Clear, crisp sound
  • Microphone quality is fantastic
  • Headband is virtually unnoticeable.


  • None
  • For $120 bucks, this headset is certainly worth the value.

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