Guest Column: Top 10 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies of All Time

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Marvel Comics has certainly been iconic with its release of superheroes that have lived with us for generations. Many take inspiration from the superheroes that Marvel introduced more than 50 years ago! They are timeless. They make us believe that anything is possible, and we have always loved following their adventures and lives – it is almost like they are our best friends!

So, when our favorite Marvel superheroes started having their own film adaptations, we couldn’t have been happier. Unfortunately, most adaptations couldn’t quite catch and relay the gist of what made our favorite superheroes so great. Well, that was until the Marvel Cinematic Universe started off with a bang with Iron Man (in 2008) which kickstarted one great adaptation after the other. Now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or the MCU) can flaunt an awe-inspiring roster of superhero movies none can rival (oops, sorry DC). So, let’s take a look at their top 10 movies, shall we?

1. Captain America: Civil War


The hype has just been INSANE ever since the first trailer was revealed and this May saw cinema houses being filled to the brink to watch Captain America: Civil War. It was even more hyped up because of Black Panther’s introduction to the Silver Screen, and also Spider Man’s re-adaptation. The action scenes were stellar and people just can’t get enough of it as most of my friends have legitimately re-watched the movie 10 times. It had a lot of thematic elements setting it apart; friendship, loyalty, betrayal, honor, freedom, law, politics… you name it. In just barely a month past its release, it is already being hailed as the biggest block buster of 2016, so far. Plus, the idea of superheroes kicking each other’s asses just gets everyone pumped up.

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier


The second installment in the Captain America series, this was directed by the Russo brothers, who also directed Civil War, and I gotta hand it to the sibs – they really know how to bring their game. The Winter Soldier was a political thriller, which made it more grounded than most other superhero movies and that element of difference is what made it such a huge success. The friendship and tension between Bucky and the Cap is just feelsy and always gets everyone. Not to mention the amazing fight scenes.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy


Now, let’s get this straight. Guardians was straight up hilarious and was about a group of criminals banding together to protect the galaxy. The comedic timing was perfect and the characters were just plain lovable. It’s pretty hard to not enjoy yourself while watching the antics of the main cast. Think of it like the Avengers… but in space – also a lot funnier. Before the release of this movie, the comics for the Guardians of the Galaxy weren’t very well-known, but post-release; the comics are back in demand and more popular than ever as people want to see more and more of their funny adventures.

4. The Avengers


The Avengers was the first time we got to see most of our favorite Marvel superheroes band up and kick some serious ass. Seeing all of them together was the reason most fans loved it. Their on-screen interactions with each other – especially seeing them goof off, was all worth it. The film has become a staple of the MCU and is just iconic. It had a pretty decent plot, as well. Also, can’t forget the fight scenes ever. Nope.

5. Iron Man


Now this is where it all started. The legacy of amazing adaptations. Everyone loved Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of our favorite billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist Iron Man. He was sarcastic, quick-witted and a straight up asshole, at times. He never really cared about his identity being a secret and his demeanor just made him stand out from the rest of the superhero line-up. No wonder fans love this movie so much.

6. Avengers: Age of Ultron


The sequel to the first Avengers’ movie. We see our favorite superheroes teaming up once again, because we couldn’t get enough of that before. As always the action sequences were brilliant as was the on-screen presence of most superheroes and the introduction of new Avengers. The plot did get a little murky, at times, but nothing that deterred from the awesomeness of the Avengers too much.

7. Ant Man


Scott Lang is a very different character, and to see his motivations and purpose of fighting play out was enthralling. He is a pretty quirky person so he was also very entertaining to watch. Unlike other superheroes, Scott is a burglar… but he wants to redeem himself and that serves as his motivation. The movie is also really funny and Ant Man v/s Falcon was just the best!

8. Captain America: The First Avenger


Captain America is one of the oldest superheroes around to-date, introduced around the time of the ACTUAL Second World War (in real time), which is why he is also one of the most iconic characters to exist. He has had a few Silver Screen debuts before, but nothing that truly did his character justice. So, people were really excited to see the MCU adapting Steve Rogers’ story and Chris Evans was the perfect pick.

9. Iron Man 3


Iron Man 3 was the first solo superhero movie after the Avengers and everybody wanted more RDJ so it was natural that the movie was hyped insanely. This time it returned with better graphics and a new threat for our favorite genius, billionaire philanthropist playboy by the name of the Mandarin. Although the plot wasn’t the best, but the hype sure was real. This was also quite possibly the last of Tony Stark’s solo movies, as well.

10. Thor


This was quite possibly the first adaptation of Thor on the Silver Screen and seeing their favorite Norse god come to life was a huge moment for most fans of the comic book series. Thor is easily one of the most powerful characters in the MCU and it comes as no surprise that people would want to see him on the screen. Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal was lauded, although the plot could have been a bit better.

This is just their amazing line-up now. There are many more to come. I am definitely looking forward to Dr. Strange and Spiderman Homecoming! Also, one cannot forget the cultural impact these movies have made. The Internet has legitimately dedicated so many memes to these movies. Heck, there are even websites that sell jackets based on these movies. Marvel movies are phenomenal, so if you haven’t seen them already, you KNOW you’re missing out!

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