I’m not the most Politically Correct person on the planet. A lot of the articles I’ve done time and time again on the topic prove this.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t give a shit about diversity till it’s shoved down my throat and pushed into my face all the time. Personally, I don’t give a shit if you’re straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual or any of the 500,000 different genders and sexual orientations you can claim to be in today’s age of a million and one labels.

You are you. I am me. Now back off and let me be me and you be you.

But that’s not how things are these days. Things like gender and racial diversity are huge things that make headlines in all sorts of places. We still have myths presented as facts and overcompensation of indifference’s are all over the place. This is no more apparent than in “nerd culture”.

We have just completed E3, a gathering of gamers that is dedicated to the celebration of being a part of a group of people who are extremely diverse and do not care about the labels that politically correct progressives push into our faces; after all, we had a war about that called GamerGate, and I thought the war was over… But I’m wrong.

Putting aside the issues that were raised about the Orlando Gay Club Massacre, there’s even more things that have popped up that have lead me to the following thought: “I no longer am allowed to be one of the people I used to call my peers”. This thought comes about solely because after E3 was all said and done, more information about people with extreme “leftist progressive mindsets” (usually called SJWs or Social Justice Warriors, and to a degree Feminists.) entering key positions in gaming have come about. Today people on Reddit have found that Sam Maggs, a woman who complained about being “triggered” by a mod in GTAV that featured simulated sexual acts, is not an assistant writer for Bioware. Bioware makes some of the most diverse and open games on the market already, but they just brought on someone who will go out of her way to enforce her mindset and thought process into the games more and more.

Other things that are getting me into my mindset are the reaction to reactions articles that litter the internet; such as websites that say that people do not like Watch Dogs 2 because the main character is a black hacker. People are actually annoyed that one of the most critically and commercially panned misleading games ever made is getting a sequel, but the media will tell you that gamers are racist and they hate a game because of racism. Another example is comedian Melissa McCarthy, one of the stars of the upcoming remake of Ghostbusters, coming out to the media and saying that all the people that dislike her new movie are only angry because there are four girls playing the lead roles, again labeling nerds as basement dwelling men who still live with their parents. Sure, people state time and time again that Ghostbusters is going to fail because of a lot of different reasons, but we’re back to the stereotyping of people who enjoy nerd culture like we’re in some 90s High School movie.

Remember what I said about I don’t mind diversity until it’s something that is shoved in my face or forced down my throat. Well, that’s exactly what is happening with comic books. MARVEL has gone out of their way to take established characters and change their race or sex on a whim to placate the new cool progressive politically correct mindsets. While people have said that this does not work, authors at Marvel have gone out of their way to mock their critics in those books because what they say goes and no one can tell them otherwise. Hell, even villains are not allowed to be villains because if we show a villain doing something against a female, suddenly the whole industry will be a bunch of white man-children who advocate violence against women.

What really makes this thought of mine become cemented in place is that I do not feel welcome at any convention in my own country anymore. To be a nerd going to a convention means that you are supporting homophobic ideals or celebrities that endorse harassment of women. I can’t join in popular nerd establishments because I know it’s full of these “progressive thinkers” and that my thoughts and ideals will never be accepted by those types of people and I’ll be the one who’ll be harassed and eventually forced out of those places.

It’s amazing really. In an age where people are trying to create and equal and diverse culture in the pop/nerd culture space, I’m someone who is no longer welcome. I’m to the point where I’m probably going to give up gaming by the end of the year as more and more studios censor themselves to appeal to these progressive mindsets. while I do agree with some of the things that these people are talking about, but I’m not going to preach it from the mountain top to try and join their little club… and it’s costing me my hobbies, the things I have built myself around for over 30 years.

Gaming is infested with the toxic and cancerous progressive mindsets.
Table Top & Card gaming is infested too.
Comics are terminal from the disease.
Movies are a lost cause.

Who am I now that I’m not allowed to be me? Nerds are evil misogynistic, sexist, racist bigots; I’m not like that. I’m just someone who has lost everything in the Political Correctness War.

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Karl Smart
Senior Editor / Reviewer

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