Uncharted 4 Spoilercast – SonyCentric

We promised it, and it’s here. The SonyCentric crew has gathered to give you a special, unnumbered episode where we delve deep into the story of Uncharted 4. Spoilers abound, folks. Please, we’ve warned you here, in the video, and the title. If you get mad about spoilers, I will call you out by name in the comments for the internet to laugh at your ignorance.

Moving on, we get into the ending, the characters, and how we think the game compares to past works both within and outside the franchise. As promised, Mark has also taken note of all predictions (all the way down to percentages given) from the first episode of SonyCentric. Rest assured, we all suck at making predictions.

But that didn’t stop the story from giving us chills. While you should definitely watch the video to get the whole story, the long and short of it is that we all adored it. Mark loved it so much that he endorsed Uncharted 4 with a perfect five-star score. Check out his full review right here.

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