Speed Elixir Gameplay and Release Date Revealed

Speed Elixir, a racing title aiming to satisfy simulation lovers and arcade players alike, revealed the first gameplay footage today, as well as a December 2016 release date for PC (a console version will be coming “shortly thereafter”). The footage shows off some physics, including some pretty impressive drifting, but keep in mind that the gameplay is Speed Elixir in pre-alpha, so changes are likely.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dcUAvOByXU&w=560&h=315]

Latest Gameplay Footage from Speed Elixir

Speed Elixir wants to appeal to players who enjoy a very sim-heavy game, as well as players who prefer a more arcade-like handling. Electro Phantom Games is doing this by giving players the option of choosing between “Arcade,” “Simcade,” and “Sim.” They are also adding another level of preference to drifting by providing a choice between “Simulation” drifting and “Easy Drifting.” No word yet on whether it will be as fun as drifting in Mario Kart.

Electro Phantom Games hasn’t set an exact release date in December, nor have they stated how long “shortly thereafter” means for console players, but it looks like Speed Elixir is trying to hit the scene for the holiday season. You can read more about the racing title and Electro Phantom Games here.