Playstation Making It Rain – SonyCentric #17

It was a slow news week, folks. However, the end of March did close out the Fiscal Year, and now we get to see those sweet Consolidated Earnings Reports. Long story short: Playstation made bank. Unfortunately, we don’t have a stellar May PS Plus lineup to accompany it. The story of our lives (for more on this, check out Episode #8) But we did get a Nioh demo that our lovely guest and fellow Outerhaven Editor, Delaila Lugo, got to sink her teeth into. Dark Souls may or may not be done, but rest assured there will one day be a full-blown genre spun out of it.

As always, I’m your host, Jason Kwasnicki (@SolidKwas), and by my side is the awesome Mark Sullivan (@nibelheimian).

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Earnings Report –…