Overwatch Dupes Are like a Bad David Bowie Cover – SonyCentric #18

Sorry I’m a few hours late this week, folks. I was just too preoccupied with having my mind blown by the latest goodies from the Naughty Gods. Sorry Overwatch, it was fun while it lasted.

Call of Duty had a bad week with the new Infinite Warfare trailer becoming a victim of an insidious dislike campaign (gasp). Well, that’s what happens when you use an atrocious cover of “Space Oddity”. Or maybe chaining a remaster of your most beloved title to a special edition of what looks to be a meh sequel. Thankfully, Battlefield is jumping back in time, and we’re stoked.

In other news, Overwatch is a blast…when not everyone is playing as Bastion. Seriously, folks, there are like twenty characters. While the core mechanics and ideas are all great, giving players full freedom with party composition can be a bit painful when playing with complete strangers, and/or complete idiots. So,,,we might have vented a bit here.

As a public service announcement, stay tuned later this week (not sure precisely when yet, but definitely before next episode) for a special edition of SonyCentric. Mark and I will be doing a full spoilercast for Uncharted 4. Please be excited.

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