MeiQ Labyrinth of Death Brings Dungeon Crawling Action to the PS Vita

Who said the PlayStation Vita was dead? Sure it has one foot in the grave, but as long as companies continue to make games for it, then PS Vita owners will continue to buy those games. So, here’s another game for you, called MeiQ Labyrinth of Death. If you like dungeon crawling type games wth some fan services tossed in then MeiQ Labyrinth of Death just may be your type of game. 

Developed and published by Idea Factory & Compile Heart, MeiQ Labyrinth of Death will take games through four tower mazes as you attempt to find out why the rotation of the celestial bodies has stopped and hopefully make things right. 

The rotation of the celestial bodies has ceased, and it’s up to you to make your way through the four tower mazes and set things in motion again in this challenging dungeon-crawling RPG! Your heroines will be joined in battle by giant mechanical Guardians, whose individual parts can be customized in multiple ways to suit your battle style against a multitude of elemental enemies!

Key Features

  • Labyrinths of Possibility! Navigate challenging maps and puzzles in this first-person dungeon-crawler!
  • You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine! Pair your 3-person party with three different Guardians for a turn-based, dungeon-crawling battle system!
  • Advanced Robotics! Unique Guardian robots can be customized even further with different parts and crystals to enhance their abilities!

Elemental Enemies! Strategize attacks between your humans and Guardians and find the crack in your foe’s armor by exploiting their elemental weakness!

So if you’re thirsting for some more PS Vita gaming then Idea Factory has you covered. MeiQ Labyrinth of Death is set to release for the PlayStation Vita in North America, this fall 2016.

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