Professor Layton “Puzzle Master” Akira Tago Has Passed Away

The accredited puzzle designer for the Professor Layton series, Akira Tago, has passed away at the age of 90.

In a report from The Japan Times, the Japanese psychologist died of interstitial pneumonia on March 6. It wasn’t known he passed until this past Tuesday.

Akira Tago has been accredited as the “puzzle master” for the Professor Layton series, responsible for designing the puzzles throughout the series’ history. Prior to his work with the Layton games, he wrote a series of best-selling quiz books called Atama no Taisou (brain exercises), and was a professor at Chiba University.

Akira Tago, 1926-2016

An accomplished writer, an acclaimed psychologist, and a masterful puzzle designer, he shall be missed.