Don’t Worry, the Division Servers Are Just down for Maintenance (UPDATE)

If you were like me, and just got dropped while getting some sweet loot in the Dark Zone while playing The Division, there is a silver lining. At least the servers were supposed to go down. Roll snare, please.

A nice heads up in-game still would have been nice, though. Hopefully, Ubisoft is implementing some fixes intended to stabilize the experience. Things have improved a lot since the launch night woes, but in my playtime (I’m about ten hours in at this point) since I’ve still had a few frustrating issues.

In terms of impressions, The Division is really fun so far. Loot is generous, progression feels good, and there is a lot to do. The interface and controls can be a bit overloaded with information and clunky at times, but I’ll leave it to the official Outerhaven review to get into all of that. Though, I might have a funny story or two to tell in the meantime. Stay tuned to for more coverage on The Division.


Let the looting commence!