The Division Experiencing Server Issues (UPDATE)

Within the first few hours of the game’s release, The Division launch is being plagued by what appears to be server overload. While a lucky few have been able to log in and play, a large quantity of players across all platforms have been repeatedly met with the now infamous “Mike” and “Romeo” errors. According to the description, these errors designate that “The Division services” or “Ubisoft services”, respectively, are not currently available. Some players have found success in restarting their game or reconnecting to the internet, but having tried multiple times myself, I would caution against optimism. At this point, there has been no word from Ubisoft on the matter.

In all fairness, anyone who is experienced with massive online games knew that these types of issues were almost guaranteed to occur with The Division. Even the mighty World of Warcraft, at launch, was prone to a litany of server crashes, emergency maintenance protocols, and the infamous “There was an error”. That being said, gamers are no less salty. One might argue that, well, this is what two betas was supposed to be for, correct? Ubisoft was quick to boast about the numbers that participated, so how could they not anticipate the sort of strain we’re seeing now?

I, for one, am fairly frustrated, despite having been one of those who anticipated this. Hopefully, these issues will be resolved in a timely manner. Ideally, we would hear from Ubisoft sooner rather than later.

UPDATE (3:00 AM): After numerous tries, I was finally able to enter the games servers. However, it was only ten minutes before I was booted after getting to level 3. I got in once more, and after attempting the first mission, I was booted again, and haven’t been able to get back in. So there is hope, my friends, but don’t expect a stable experience at the moment.     

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    Keith D. Mitchell

    To be perfectly honest this was expected so I can’t see why people are getting mad they, shouldn’t. Hopefully they get it fixed sooner than later however.

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    It’s been a whole day now… It’s not fair people on Twitch are playing and taking advantage of all the loots to over power everyone who hasn’t even gotten to play yet… I think for those people who hasn’t got to play because of the stupid mike error code should get a full refund, and the game you bought free… Ubisoft is a professional company. There is no excuse for their servers to go bad.