New Pokemon Games Announced Today; Titled Sun and Moon

Update: Nintendo has provided the Pokemon Direct on YouTube. You can view it below:

The rumors of a new Pokemon game have come to pass, just not in the way it was expected. During today’s short Pokemon Direct presentation, Nintendo announced the 2 newest games in the Pokemon series, Pokemon Sun and Moon, to be released in the 2016 Holiday Season.

The only things that we know about Pokemon Sun and Moon right now is that the 3DS re-releases of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be able to connect to Pokemon Bank, in order to transfer all of your Generation 1 Pokemon to Pokemon Sun and Moon, as well as the addition of Traditional and Simplified Chinese to the list of languages that can be chosen at the start of your game.

Speaking of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, the Pokemon Bank functionality will be made available via a software update in the future.

You can view the Pokemon Direct in its entirety at this link.

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