Possible REAL Jurassic Park to be made in Australia

They didn’t break some DNA code taken from Mosquitoes, but a Chinese investment firm is looking to bring a REAL LIFE (though robotic) Jurassic Park to Australia. Imagine being able to take a Jeep ride through a recreation of the classic movie park and actually seeing exhibits of Dinosaurs moving around through the bush and trees, maybe even getting up close and personal with some of the robotic wonders. 

According to reports from Nova100 today, Wanda chief executive Wang Jianlin may be planning a multi-billion dollar dinosaur theme park on the Gold Coast in Queensland.
The theme park would obviously be a major tourism play which could potentially boost overall Gold Coast theme park attendance by 10 per cent in its first year, according to researchers.

“We need this to happen,” said Northern Chamber of Commerce president Gary Mays.

“It will create heaps of fulltime jobs which is a priority now and bring in more international tourists.”

“If we don’t keep reinventing ourselves, we will be left behind.”

Gary isn’t the only one who wants the park to happen.

“We’re working with the local tourism industry to grow the number of visitors holidaying on the Gold Coast,” said Tourism Minister Kate Jones.

“We want to see more visitors through the gates of our theme parks because we know that means jobs for Queenslanders.”

Jianlin is currently after a majority share of the company which produced Jurassic World – Legendary Entertainment – and plans to enter Wanda into the film production and attraction park industry.

The Wanda company recently bought Hoyts cinema chain and AMC Entertainment Holdings.

Not to be outdone, Melbourne (my home town) is launching Jurassic World: The Exhibition, a collaboration with renowned paleontologist Jack Horner and Universal studios, the exhibition is looking to recreate the John Hammond Creation Lab from the film along with giving patrons a chance to get up close with a towering Brachiosaurus and facing their fears as they go face to face with the scary and dangerous Tyrannosaurus rex; all while learning about the mighty beasts of the past.

The world premiere of Jurassic World: The Exhibition debuts at the Melbourne Museum on 19 March 2016, and runs for a limited time only. Book your tickets today, and remember, if something chases you…run!