NEOGEO Classics make their PC debut in the Humble NEOGEO 25th Anniversary Bundle


In the past few years, we have seen some perennial NEOGEO classics make their way to PC via Steam, in the form of King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match and Ultimate Match 2002, as well as Metal Slug, Metal Slug 3 and Metal Slug X. However, today marks the beginning of a Humble Bundle that will certainly bring more nostalgia to your fingertips! The Humble NEOGEO 25th Anniversary Bundle, supporting the American Red Cross comes with $167 worth of NEOGEO classic titles, such as Metal Slug 2, The King of Fighters 2000, Baseball Stars 2, The Last Blade and more, bringing them to the PC for the first time EVER (outside of emulation, of course,) DRM-free!

You can donate any amount from $1 and up to receive 8 games, including Samurai Shodown 2, The Art of Fighting 2, and KOF 2000. As of this writing, a donation of $8.84 and up will net you eight additional games, including The Last Blade and Shock Troopers and Steam codes for Metal Slug 1 and 3 and KOF 98 Ultimate Match Final Edition, a donation of $10 or more will net you 5 more games, bringing the total to 21, including Metal Slug X, KOF 2002UM, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Samurai Shodown V Special and Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad, and lastly, a donation of $40 will get you a limited edition NEOGEO 25th Anniversary Ltd. Ed. METAL SLUG SV-001 T-Shirt, courtesy of fangamer.


You can check out the bundle at this link.

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