Hideo Kojima To Partner With Sony For A New Franchise

Earlier today, word spread like wildfire across the Internet that it was official: Hideo Kojima had finally left Konami. The information came from a Nikkei article, and its translation from Japanese suggested that Kojima was already talking to Sony while he formed his new studio. Like it does, the Internet became heated over the exact translation, and whether this meant a partnership, simply a “console debut”, or nothing at all. However, a special video announcement from Andrew House, President of Sony, and Kojima himself has laid all speculation to rest:

Kojima’s new studio, aptly named Kojima Productions (with an awesome logo), will begin work with Sony on a new franchise exclusive to Sony’s platform.

“I will be taking on a new challenge by establishing my own independent studio, and I am thrilled to be able to embark on this journey with PlayStation,” Kojima says in the announcement, “I cannot wait to deliver, with PlayStation, a game that will become a compelling franchise.”

As for the grizzled facial hair Kojima is sporting, one can only speculate that shaving was not a high priority in the dungeons that Konami kept him in. Given how quick Sony was to get this news out, one can also speculate that perhaps this is a deal that had been intended to be announced earlier? Say, at PSX? We know from Geoff Keighley’s comments at the VGAs that Konami lawyers had been against Kojima making press appearances. Is that why the keynote conference fell so flat? Was it supposed to end with what we see above?

The more interesting question, though, is what we can expect to see from Kojima’s new IP. Will it (can it) utilize the beloved Fox Engine? Will he return to the ideas behind Silent Hills? After so many years of Metal Gear, the man is sure to have built up a treasure cove of fresh ideas waiting to be used.

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