According to the Japanese business outlet Nikkei, Kojima has officially left Konami, and it won’t be the end of his career. 

Apparently, as of today, Hideo Kojima is no longer tied to the evil Pachinko Empire. Furthermore, Kojima will be teaming up with talent he’s worked with in the past to move on with his career. Nikkei says that he is forming a new studio with former Kojima Productions members. The article also goes on to suggest that he is in talks to have this studio backed by Sony Computer Entertainment. If this is true, it could mean that the next game we see from Hideo Kojima could indeed be a Sony exclusive. 

The drama seems to finally be drawing to a close. For almost a year, this has been one of the hottest stories in the industry. It began with the legendary creator having his name torn from what would become his magnum opus, and ended with Konami closing his studios. Geoff Keighley came forward at the 2015 VGAs to confess that Kojima had been barred from travelling to receive his award by Konami lawyers. It will certainly be interesting to learn exactly what caused this stressful chapter in gaming history. Rest assured, however, Kojima looks to keep on churning out games.    

Source: Nikkei

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