A Macross Delta trailer was released and I didn’t know about it?

First off, being a pretty dedicated Macross and yes, even Robotech fan, I’m pretty upset at myself that I didn’t see this trailer sooner. OK, I’m done getting upset at myself, so let’s get on with this. During a recent unveiling for the upcoming Macross series that took place previously, this new trailer was also shown off for the audience and we also got some new information regarding the show.

As it was previously mentioned, Macross Delta will take place several years after Macross Frontier, 8 years to be exact, so seems to be within the time continuity. In fact it takes place in some remote part of the galaxy,  however hasn’t been any mention of where just yet. However as you can see from the trailer, it will at least take place on a planet or planets, unlike Macross Frontier. It also looks like the YF-29 “Durandal” is still the fighter of choice, at least it seems to be from the trailer, though the image above definitely shows multiple fighters, so that hopefully means we’ll be getting some variety this time around.


And with typical Macross flair, the story will revolve around music,, transformable fighters and a love triangle, which is why I love Macross so much. I mean, it’s a animated sci-fi soap opera and it does it great.  And similar to how they directed Macross Frontier, the team behind the new series went out conducted an audition for new talent that would appear on the show, which ended with 18 year old Minori Suzuki from Aichi Prefecture being named the newest edition to the long line of Macross singers. Congrats to Minori, you’re definitely be among some of the greats.

And the last bit of news is that on December 31, 2015, at 6PM JST,there will be a special airing of the first episode of Macross Delta on both Toyko MX and BS 11. 

Sadly, don’t expect to see this series make it over to North America, as Harmony Gold still has the licensing for Macross and Robotech in a tangled mess. And despite what was mentioned to us during the Robotech panel held during Otakon 2015, it seems that Harmony Gold still isn’t playing ball with Big West . To get caught up all that fun mess, be sure to check out my article that explains it all, here.


Source: Crossmap

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