NYCC 2015: Street Fighter V shaky cam footage and pictures from NYCC 2015

During the 2015 New York Comic Con, Capcom and Sony put up a huge booth and organized several tournaments throughout the event, which allowed gamers to compete for not only a new PlayStation 4 but an exclusive face plate as well. Anybody who was a fan of the Street Fighter V series was able to participate, if you were selected that is.

However if you were a passer by or just wanted to sit back and catch a few matches, few that proofed to be difficulty as the area in front of that stage was pretty crowded and remained that way until the final seconds of the event. And while I attempted to record footage of the various matches that took place, i was only able come away with several out of the majority of footage I recorded. It’s not easy setting up a tripod in a setting like that, as players and show goers alike simply either brushed past the recording or actually came into contact with it.

But at least we got these videos, right?

Also, while all this was going on, a certain person was among the crowds and taking pictures, of which I managed to get a few pictures in as well. Who you ask? Well, just look below.

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