WWE 2K16 MyCareer Features Rundown

Earlier this morning, WWE Games revealed their trailer for the WWE 2K16 MyCareer mode, and the fans of the WWE 2K series won’t be disappointed by the revamp of Career Mode this year.

One of the major points of contention with WWE 2K15 was that MyCareer was linear and repetitive, and there was no clear goal in sight. In WWE 2K16, your purpose is to take your superstar to the WWE Hall of Fame in 15 years. Taking a cue from NBA 2K, your superstars admittance into the Hall of Fame is contingent on fulfilling 12 different goals.

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Much like the NBA 2K series, the path to the Hall of Fame is contingent on achieving big time results in WWE 2K16‘s MyCareer Mode

These goals can vary, and can range from something as simple as being a 10 time title holder, holding all the championships at least once, or tying Stone Cold’s Royal Rumble record of 3 victories. Also, the goals are split between Main Goals and Sub Goals, the former of which MUST be achieved, the latter can be done in any combination. 

But that’s not all the fun stuff MyCareer has to offer. Rivalries are also more user influenced, in several ways. One of the major ways is through the quick shot post-show interviews with Renee Young, where you have an opportunity to either talk up your opponent and create allied relationships, or talk down to your opponents and foster rivalries. Every response influences your superstar’s attitude, so depending on the situation, you influence the next moment in your career, as EVERY WWE Superstar is watching your every move.

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Post-Show interviews are new in WWE 2K16.

The Authority is also integrated into the game, and you can either side with them, or side against them. The depth that this adds to the game is substantial, as the game can seemingly be made harder or easier, depending on the decision you make. Also, you do have Authority related goals that can be completed to either build favor with the Authority, or ignored to erode it. Makes for a fun career, doesn’t it?

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Want to get in good with Steph McMahon and Triple H? Fulfill the necessary goals they offer you.

Something that I noticed while watching the video is the classification of the different faces and heels. Heels seemingly can be classified as anywhere from egotistical to treacherous, and faces can be bold, egotistical, disciplined or aggressive. There may be more classifications that haven’t been revealed yet, however, it looks like your actions can influence the type of face or heel that you are in MyCareer.

Run-ins are fully customisable as well. You’ll be able to set up the way you run-in, when you run-in and who you focus on. You’ll also be able to distract the referee, or a specific opponent to either assist or put the screws to a rival, setting up rivalries or tag teams as you go along. Speaking of Tag Teams, you can also feud with all the top tag teams in the WWE to go for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

There is a lot more to MyCareer than what I have listed, but these have to be the most intriguing features from what the trailer had to offer, and far improves on what WWE 2K15 gave to us, despite it being a solid foundation for what we are getting now. WWE 2K16 releases on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on October 27th in North America. Pre-order today to get Arnold Schwarzenegger as 2 versions of the Terminator.

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