Rashid of the Turbulent Wind Sweeps into Street Fighter V

For the past week, Street Fighter V speculation has been at a fever pitch due to Yoshinori Ono teasing the next character in the roster. Some thought this could be a returning character, and were further convinced by this tweet that the character would be returning from a previous entry in the series. Others thought it would be a character named Rashid, due to a leak from late last year.

As it would seem, the second group was correct, and today we were introduced to Rashid, Street Fighter’s second Arab character. I know many are reporting that Rashid or Rasheed as Capcom is calling him now, as being the first. However this is not correct as Pullum, who made her appearance in Street Fighter EX was actually the first and yes we’re all aware that Akira still owns the rights to this character, but she was the first.


It’s hard to discern how exactly he functions considering that trailers always embellish the usefulness of character tools, but from what we do know, he is an extremely mobile fighter with the ability to use gale-force winds as projectiles. From the trailer alone, he seems to move somewhere in-between SFIII‘s Yang and SFIV’s El Fuerteand it seems that he depends on his mobility and his tornadoes to create setups. Furthermore, this means that the leak in question may hold water, meaning it may be possible that the last two new characters are named something to the tune of “Zen” and “Laura.”

It seems that the new characters this time around are more serious in tone, so we’ll see how these last two newcomers end up in due time, until then, we can still argue about whether Alex or Urien deserve the last “haven’t seen them in a while” slot.


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    Keith D. Mitchell

    Ken made a lot of speculation about SFV, a lot of which people dismissed and called him a fraud. Yet he’s been pretty much reliable with most of what he has said coming to pass.