Persona News Recap: Persona 5 Delay, and Dancing to the End.

As we wrap up the month of September, we approach the release of Persona 4 Dancing All Night along with the rest of the crew. We also finally got some news for Persona 5, but it’s a shame that it will be delayed to 2016. But hey! At least they released a new trailer and many good shots of the game to keep us tied over. At least for now.

Persona 5

So if you hadn’t heard already from the Tokyo Game Show, Persona 5 will be delayed to Summer of 2016 as reported from our captain, Keith. While it is a bummer, at least we know that they will make it the best Persona game that it can be. Plus the trailer of the game is just awesome, so we can afford to be patient.

So we get to see more of the hub world  in which you travel in, which should be very familiar if you played Persona 4. We also see what appears that the school has turned to a prison, which makes sense due to the theme. Seems they’re bring back some similarities to Persona 3. We also then get to see more of our cat mascot character Morgana in action, along with her persona, Zorro.  Yes, that is the official name. We then get more gameplay and a new character that will join the party by the name of  Yuuske Kitagawa, who dons a fox mask in his thief form. We then see some of the different maps, that seems to focus on a theme, one in which your crew of mice, while another is straight from Indiana Jones. Another thing to point out is that we know now what the object of our personas will be.  Persona 3 was the evoker. Persona 4 is the cards. Here, it is literally a mask. At the end, we see some of the cast’s troubles and their personal motivation. Of course, we end with the protagonists foxy smile.

And to help with the delay, Famitsu has more screenshots that show off more of the game.

So until 2016 then. At least there’s another Persona game to keeps us busy.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night

So if you hadn’t read our boss’s review of Persona 4 Dancing All Night. Do so now. Simply put: Buy it!

Now rounding out the cast, we have appearances of Nanako Dojima, and Margaret. We also have our DLC characters of Marie and Tohru Adachi. Plus a special appearance from the Vocaloid herself Hatsune Miku.

Nanako Dojima

Need I say anything about Karen Strassmen’s performance? Nanako is pure innocence and this trailer reminds you of that. Music is the vocal version of the Junes Theme.


Of course you gotta have the one who rules over the heat and tension of battle. Though only available in Free mode, she still shows power and enchantment over all. Marisha Ray’s performance remains superb and I wouldn’t have anyone else. Plus, Yu’s alternate costume of Theodore is half bad.  Music here is the “Electronica In Velvet Room.”


Oh the poet is strong here. Eden Riegal remains…regal and poetic in her performance.  She is one of the DLC characters that you’re allowed to use in Free mode. Music is the opening of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax ” Break out of…”

Tohru Adachi

Of course, why not have the antagonist of the game as well. Gotta say, Johnny Young Bosch”s delivery of Adachi is as it is: deranged. Then again, is this the face of mercy to you? Adachi is the second DLC character that is available. Music here is a remix version of “The Fog”.

Since this IS a Dingo dancing game, ATLUS collaborated with them to bring in their pride and joy vocaloid, Hatsune Miku.


She is the third DLC character that will be available for purchase  for Free mode. For her, you can change color of her hair and eyes. She will only be played with the remix song of “Heaven” featuring herself in Free mode.

All three DLC character’s are priced at $4.99. The DLC for Hatsune Miku  will be available on October 20th.

And finally, ATLUS showed of their unboxing  of their launch and Disco Fever version of the game. Yes, the box is huge.

I need that soundtrack NOW! Until the next Persona news recap.

You can find the previous characters here.

Persons 5 will be available in Summer of 2016 for Japan.  Persona 4 Dancing All Night will be out on September 29th, 2015.


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