Persona News Recap: The Princess and Detective, Bikinis, and Persona 5 Remains Slated for 2015

It didn’t take too long for ATLUS to present the rest of the female cast of  Persona 4 Dancing All Night.  Yes, Yukiko Amagi and Naoto Shirogane takes the spotlight. Also, since ATLUS loves us, they have announced free Bikini DLC for the ladies, but only for one week after release. To top it off, ATLUS is staying firm on Persona 5 release window of 2015.


Thank You ATLUS.


Persona 5

ATLUS continues to remain firm on Persona 5’s release window of 2015. You can read more from our captain by clicking here. You do have to wonder though. With the year winding down and with so little shown, can ATLUS keep that promise? We will continue to keep you updated as news comes.

Now onto the Dance!


Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Yukiko Amagi

Oh Amanda Winn-Lee, you delivery of Yukiko remains spot on. That style and grace, this why I love Yukiko. Plus that Christmas outfit.  Song here is the reincarnation version of “Heartbeat, Heartbreak.”


That gaze… *swoon*


Naoto Shirogane

Our Captain already made spotlight on her, so if you want his take, click here. Otherwise, read on for my impressions.

Now that I had a chance with Persona Q: Shadows of the Labyrinth, I can’t picture Naoto without Valerie Arem. Her voice really fit now and just feels right. Gotta say, Naoto’s default outfit really brings out her charms. No wonder she’s a fan favorite.  Song here is the reincarnation version of “Signs of Love.”

 Finally, ATLUS also announced that for only one week after it’s release on September 29th , Bikini DLC for the female cast will be free. It’s unknown what the price will be after that period, so make sure you get it in you download list regardless.



I’m Sorry!

You can catch up on the previous characters  here.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night will be released on PlayStation Vita on September 29, 2015.

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