LinkedIn Profile May Have Leaked Kingdom Hearts 2.9, 3 Details

Kingdom Hearts 3 seems ages away, but a LinkedIn profile may have leaked some details on the game, as well as another unannounced title. 

A report on KH13 shows that a profile on LinkedIn from a Square Enix game designer has listed contributions they’ve made towards Kingdom Hearts 3, and a mysterious Kingdom Hearts 2.9, over the past 10 months.

According to the screenshot of the profile, Kingdom Hearts 2.9 is a project for PS3 and PS4, and if the details are accurate, uses the attraction flow system we’ve seen in trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3. Could it be a demo for KH3 in the same vein as Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae? And if so, why is it on PS3, and not on Xbox One? My speculation is that this is a reworked Dream Drop Distance for consoles (3DMix!), but details remain sparse and unconfirmed at this point.

As for Kingdom Hearts 3, the details show that Pixar implementation is definitely happening (yay!), and that the game is getting some sort of multiplayer integration (ugh). Hopefully more information, and a formal announcement of 2.9, follow soon.

Thanks, KH13.

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