Ed Boon Teases the Kombat Pack 2 for Mortal Kombat X

Yesterday, Ed Boon teased an image of future DLC characters (or at least their silhouettes) with the annotation “Tomorrow?” on Twitter. Now, the news has been revealed that four more characters, more costumes, and another stage will be added to Mortal Kombat X  during the first half of 2016. 

The image in question

Naturally, many fans are greatly disappointing by this. Yesterday’s tease could have easily given the impression that  the four characters in the twitter image would have been revealed, and to learn nothing more than that they’ll be available next year almost feels like a slap in the face. However, despite the backlash, this was a move that simply had to be made by Netherrealm. Mortal Kombat X is a solid fighting game to be sure, but with all of the hype surrounding Street Fighter 5, MKX could stand to secure some attention for itself. Moreover, it would be better to simply tease that more is coming than reveal their hand now and let the hype die out. 

Just look at Nash in SFV. when he was first revealed, it was the most exciting reveal ever; now everyone’s just used to him being around.

The fact of the matter is that even though there has been some fallout for it, Netherrealm Studios has to keep interest in MKX aliveSpring 2016 will bring us Killer Instinct Season 3, Street fighter 5, Pokken Tournament, Tekken 7, and Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- being up in the air at this point. Most likely, the whole reason that Kombat Pack 2 is even being made is to keep MKX in the public eye while new fighting games flood the market; so can you really blame them?

 The official announcement can be found here.

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