Destiny Will See Big Changes in Patch 2.0

As we have already covered, Bungie will be rolling out Patch 2.0 for Destiny on Tuesday, September 8th. Everyone was excited to learn that, when the patch releases, it will kick off a week of free access to new the new PVP maps and game modes in what Bungie is calling a “Preview Event”. But what will the bulk of the patch actually do for the core game?

Quite a lot, so let me summarize:

All Guardians can now max out at level 34. The highest level which your character has reached up until this point is what they will be post-patch. However, the new progression system will be implemented, meaning that leveling up will now be done purely through completing quests, killing enemies, and anything else that nets experience points. No longer will your progression be strictly tied to equipment. I say strictly because your gear will still matter, as the “light level” which used to determine general progression will now act more as a power rating (specifically, it will be an average of the attack/defense ratings of your gear). All Year One gear will be getting converted to Year Two numbers.

The new Quest Screen is being added to your menu, and along with it all active quests. All Year One content will be compatible, and any abandoned quests can be recovered in the Hall of Guardians. Players can also carry more bounties (a total of 16). Here is where it gets a little tricky: regular Bounties and Eris Bounties will be dropped on September 8th. However, Exotic Bounties that are incomplete will be auto-completed. You will only receive the less powerful Year One versions, but regardless, it’s a free exotic.


Emblem, shader, ship, and exotic collection kiosks will be added for use at the Tower. This will basically allow you to clear out some space in your Vault by removing the first three categories of item. If you don’t care for or use an exotic weapon or armor, it can be removed as well. Keep in mind, retrieving these weapons/armors from the kiosk will cost resources and they will NOT be fully upgraded.

Finally, all of the different class-based armor material will be ditched in favor of one, and fear not, as the Vanguard Quartermaster can convert them for you. Motes of Light will also gain more versatility, as they will now be able to grant experience points to weapons/armor. Also, just as the Blades of Crota crawled back into their holes as House of Wolves released, the Fallen Wolf Hunt Patrols will be “retreating” from public spaces.

Keep in mind, these are all changes being made regardless of the upcoming expansion. The Taken King will be bringing even more new systems to the game. Look for that to drop on September 15th.


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