Learn The True Meaning Of War in Destiny PVP “Preview Event”

On Tuesday, September 8th, Bungie will be dropping Patch 2.0 for Destiny. It’s, well, big. PS4 and Xbox One users will need 18 gigs of free space to cover the download. Why? Patch 2.0 looks to take care of all of the systemic changes coming to the game, the details of which will be coming in another piece.

Presumably, the idea would be to condense the actual September 15th release of The Taken King as much as possible, taking care of what they can beforehand. This allows for less to download on launch day and a week to fix any bugs. 

But those 18 gigs won’t just be for some fancy new menus. Die hard fans looking to satisfy their craving for something fresh, as well as those gamers who may have lapsed and are thinking about coming back to Destiny, will be happy to hear that from the 8th until the 14th, the new PVP content (specifically, the new game modes and maps) will become available to ALL players before becoming locked behind the expansion. Assuming other changes from the patch work as intended, our first week in months of a Crucible not dominated by Thorn is shaping up to be quite the occasion.