The spiritual successor to Rollcage, Grip is now up on Kickstarter

Several months ago we reported that there was a team that was quietly working on spiritual successor to the PlayStation title, Rollcage . Code named Project Grip, the title would attempt to recreate everything that worked so well in Rollcage and more. Ever since then, the team had been hard at work on working on the concept and had mentioned to us that they would be putting the game up on Kickstarter sometime in the near future.


Well that day is today and the Kickstarter is now live hereGRIP, looks to fill that void that was left open when Sony decided to shutdown Psygnosis / SCE Studio Liverpool and left the world without a chance for another Rollcage or another futuristic racer, ever. But there is where GRIP steps in.

In the end, the races became so testosterone-fueled and running so close to the edge that even pirate TV started to cover them. The channel known simply as GRIP became synonymous with the whole scene, which exploded with massive public interest running counter to government crackdowns on the problem. Funded by gambling income and black-market TV subscriptions, the hacker crew running the TV link became very wealthy indeed.

The drivers in these races quickly realized what they were missing, and they were more than just a little displeased, they were harbouring some righteous anger. Some TV network taking over their scene – taking all the rewards yet sharing none of the risks, what the hell was that about? The fury erupted, and the big dogs made their grab for power. Fierce fighting broke out between the two groups, but the network was no match for the drivers and gave way to superior force. Faced with no choice but to accept the offer they were given, a balance of power was struck, and everyone moved forward. The network retained a cut, but the drivers were now collecting an income for their risk, a real income that allowed them to pimp their speed machines even further.


Built on the Unreal Engine 4 and making it’s way to the PlayStation 4 and PC, racers will be able to compete in a career mode, race around on a single rack in arcade mode, or compete to be the fastest in time trial as part of the default included modes. There are also stretch goals that will add an arena mode where you’ll be able to compete in a car death-match and another mode called Precision, which is similar to the scramble mode from Rollcage: Stage2. There’s also a multiplayer mode will you and friends race via LAN or split screen or duke it out online against other players and A.I bots.

And if you loved the music from the Rollcage series, like I did, you’ll be happy to know that not only are Technical Itch and Dom & Roland returning for the soundtrack, but they’ve assembled several other veterans such as Skynet, Xtigma, Rex Mundi, No Cure For Life, Orge Sound and Kevin Greenlee, to create a soundtrack that matches the illegal and dangers racing that’s going to take place. No doubt that you’ve jammed out to a few tracks from these composers in the past.

At the time of this article, the campaign was already at $10,282 out of the $500,00.00 that is needed to fund the title.  But that’s a long way from the prize, so if you’re interested in helping the cause, be sure to head over to the GRIP Kickstarter page located here and toss a few dollars their way. 

As such there are multiple tiers to help fun the game, all of which have several rewards, some of which include a steel book copy of the game, signed remote controller cars, and more. You can even help the team design one of the in-game cars, tracks or get your name in the game’s credits!

Sounds cool, right? Well lets mobilize and get this game off the ground and into our hands!


For more info on the game or the Kickstarter, be sure to hit up the team at the following links;

GRIP Kickstarter Site

Oh, and …..


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