ROCK BAND 4 To Feature Van Halen, A First For The Series

Harmonix announced this morning that for the first time in the history of their celebrated series of ear-shattering, finger-numbing rhythm games, a Van Halen track will be coming to the lineup. “Panama” will be the first track available at launch, with more to be released on the Rock Band Music Store. Speaking of said store, the tracks already available from previous installments (1500 +) will be fully compatible when Rock Band 4 arrives on October 6 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, making the addition of Van Halen just icing on top of a very robust cake.

Check here for a full list of the launch lineup. I’m particularly excited to see such a range extending from artists like Elvis Presley and Van Morrison all the way to Jack White and Dream Theater. There are a lot of good reasons to look forward to getting your jam on this fall.