Atlus stands firm on a 2015 release for PERSONA 5…on consoles

John Hardin, PR spokesman for Atlus USA was recently quoted in an interview with God Is a Geek as having said, “the only thing I can confirm for Persona 5 is 2015.” With so little seen or shown of the game in Japanese, much less English, fans have been clinging to a diminishing hope that indeed this statement still holds true. It is not exactly surprising for Hardin to say this, as Atlus clearly is trying to maintain the hype for the next instalment of a franchise poised to explode in popularity in the West.

It was always assumed that there would be a large time gap for localization, and with the holiday season growing near and no Japanese release, there is growing fear of an imminent delay for a release in North America. Hardin claims in the interview, however, that this assumption is wrong. With Square Enix pushing for an international release for Final Fantasy 15 as opposed to their normal localization schedule, perhaps it is not so unlikely that Atlus looks to do something similar. My assumption would be that any such news is being reserved for the Tokyo Games Show.

Hardin made another bold declaration when he tweeted, in a response to a fan, that a PC release had very limited probability so to speak (using a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy reference, no less). As of right now, the title will be limited to the Playstation 3 and 4 consoles. 

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