Outerhaven Podcast Episode 76: It’s Prime! It’s Prime! It’s PAX Prime!


Another episode in the books! Join this week’s panel of gamers in Jason Kwasnicki, William ‘Shadowz’ Kok and Karl ‘Mase’ Smart, as they chat with the host with the most, Clinton ‘Navigator’ Bowman about the impending Metal Gear Solid V release, Super Mario Maker being a smash hit almost 3 weeks before its release, the newly announced Shovel Knight expansions on Wii U and the accompanying amiibo, how WWE 2K16 is shaping up to be way better than 2K15 as well as a plethora of other news and discussion topics in the geek culture world!

As always, send your questions in to mailbag AT theouterhaven DOT net to get them answered on the show. Keep it classy folks!


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About The Author

Clinton Bowman-Christie
Managing Editor, Games & Technology

Teacher's Assistant by day, passionate gamer and wrestling fan by night. This describes Clinton to a T. A Brooklyn, New York resident for all of his life, gaming, Power Rangers, football, basketball and wrestling pretty much comprise a lot of his free time.