A Incredibles 2 poster has hit the internet, is this legit? It is!

Making it’s way across the internet like a match in a forest, an Incredibles 2 poster has popped out of now where. But that’s just it, it’s only a poster with no credibility of if it’s legit or not. Sure it looks nice but I’d rather some solid confirmation on if this is in fact the poster that starts the Incredible 2 hype train or not.

But why am I so hyped about a poster? Well the Incredibles is one of my favorite animated / CGI movies of all time and while I know they stated a sequel is indeed in production, where the hell did this poster come from. I mean, it’s not like anyone can’t make a random poster and pass it out as being real, right Power Rangers poster?

But is it real? Who knows, we’ll just have to wait and see…. but damn I hope it is.

Update: It’s real and has been confirmed thanks to Disney’s D23 2015 event, which started today. We’ll see the movie sometime in 2016, can’t wait.