Hasta La Vista Dean – The Terminator joins WWE2K16!

In what appears to be a leaked trailer circulating the internet, The Terminator himself is making his way into… WWE2K16!?

While this video hasn’t appeared on any official WWE or 2K Youtube channels, it has made it’s way into the wild.

In this trailer, Arnold returns in a homage to his classic entrance in Terminator 2, replacing the extras in the scene with WWE Superstars & Divas. The Superstars & Divas include: Eva Marie, Daniel Bryan, Paige, NXT Champion Finn Balor, Ryback & Dean Ambrose. Keep an eye on The Terminator’s data display for some very well done biographical information on each character as he scans them. The scene ends with “WWE, Meet The Terminator” before displaying that Arnold is appearing as a preorder bonus for the game.

While we do not have any information or screenshots of Arnold in game as of yet, it’s one of the more interesting ideas that has been put forth for the WWE Games franchise; as most of the previous preorder bonus characters have been limited to past WWE Superstars. The new question is though: what will The Terminator’s finishing moves be?

It is possible that this might be the news WWE gaming fans have been waiting to hear, or at least distract them from the removal of Hulk Hogan after the recent drama that has been circulating the internet as well.

You can view the trailer yourself below.


WWE2K16 will be available in North America on October 27th, 2015 (October 29th Internationally) from 2K Games.

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