Chris Pine Rumored For Green Lantern, Hal Jordan

The Star Trek star has been reportedly attached to the character Steve Trevor; however, today a report is going around stating that he is also up for the role of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.

Chris Pine is currently best know for playing Captain Kirk in JJ Abram’s Star Trek movies and it appears that he will also be playing a role in some DC Comics movies. For some time, Pine has been attached to character Colonel Steve Trevor, the human love interest of Wonder Woman. Now a new report has come out saying that Chris Pine has been offered more than one role from DC Comics and no decision has been made about either role. 

The other role that has been offered to Pine is to play Green Lantern himself, Hal Jordan! While no decision has reportedly been made, DC Comics does want Pine to be on stage for their Comic-Con panel this weekend.

Looks like Chris Pine is going to be in a DC Comics film, but this weekend we might find out exactly who he will be playing, Wonder Woman’s love interest or a founding member of The Justice League.

Source: IGN

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