Is Rocksteady teasing Azrael for Batman: Arkham Knight?

It would seem to be that Rocksteady is in fact teasing  a familiar figure for  the upcoming Batman: The Arkham Knight. While the video is very short, the message is clear, well sort of. That Azrael, a character who appeared in the previously Batman: Arkham City title, is also in Arkham Knight. In Arkham City, If you managed to complete the issued challenges for an unknown character you would end up unlocking the identity of the person, Michael Lane.

Yes, the very same Micheal Lane who later on was known as Azrael.

Now if you take a look at how he appeared in Batman: Arkham city, which I posted below, and the trailer that was just released. Well, you’ll see that the model matches up.


Take a look at the legs and the cloak. Looks pretty spot on, so it’s safe to assume that Azrael is in Arkham Knight, however we don’t know his intentions or what role he’ll play… yet. Guess we’ll have to wait until April 27 2015 for the complete trailer to find out.

Batman: Arkham Knight releases in June 23 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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