Green Lantern and Star Trek Crossover Comic Announced

This summer will bring us huge comic book events; such as, Convergence and Secret Wars, but that’s not all. Joining the fun will be a cross-over event between Star Trek and DC’s Green Lantern.

The event will take place as a 6-part mini-series and will focus on the cast from the current Abrams’ reboot series of movies and Green Lantern Hal Jordan. According to the synopsis, lantern rings will make their way to the cast of the Star Trek series and be distributed to both heroes and villains. It is not clear who will be traveling to who’s universe, or if there is universe traveling, but accompanying the rings will be Hal Jordan. Hopefully Hal is there to be a hero, but we’ve seen him mess-up worse before.

The mini-series will be written by Star Trek comic writer Mike Johnson and will be drawn by Angel Hernandez. The series will take place before the third movie and before Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.

We have been given 2 covers to look at for the time being:

startrek-gl-130148 startrek-gl-130149

It’s going to be a big summer, ladies and gentlemen.


Source: Comicbook

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