Old favorites Free for Pokemon Bank Users

Pokemon Bank was released on February 2014 as a downloadable app for the 3DS. While the wireless technology seen at the beginning of the initial Nintendo DS’s Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl was a nice change, there was still no way to trade with yourself unless you had a second device or access to a friend’s. The welcomed Pokemon Bank system was the answer to that problem. The Pokemon Bank allows players to deposit from one game into their online storage and then pop in another game to withdraw them. Say you wanted to drop your Mudkip from Pokemon Omega Ruby to your copy of Pokemon X, the Pokemon Bank system makes that possible. This feature is available for the very low price of $4.99 per year. 

As an incentive for more people to join and to reward existing users, Pokemon Bank users that accesses the service anywhere from February 27th to November 30th, 2015 will automatically be given the final Evolutions of the Johto region starters: Meganium, Typhlosion, and Feraligatr. All 3 will come with special hidden abilities that makes them even more viable for your roster.

Meganium, the final Evolution of the leaf starter Chikorita will come with Leaf Guard, preventing the herbivore from status conditions while the sunlight is harsh or extremely harsh. Meganium is confirmed to come with the move Sunny Day, which meets the conditions to activate the Leaf Guard skill (also, no wait time to charge Solar Beam!).

Typhlosion, shedding the baby face of its first form Cyndaquil, will come in with Flash Fire. This will prevent the fire type from taking damage from other fire based moves while boosting its own fire moves by 50%.

Feraligatr, the hulked out final form of Totodile will appropriately come with the Sheer Force ability. Sheer Force will remove any move effects that Feraligatr has in favor of a 30% damage increase. Coming with Ice Punch (chance of freezing), Crunch (lowers defense), and Waterfall (flinch) the Sheer Force skill will definitely take advantage of the move set.

This isn’t the first time users have been treated to free gifts, with the Legendary Celebi being given away previously. For more information on the Pokemon Bank, click the link below.

Source: PokemonBank

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