Edge of Eternity KickStarter now live!

The France based indie studio Midgar Studio just launched their latest project, Edge of Eternity on the popular crowd funding site KickStarter.

Edge of Eternity takes place on a world called Heryon. The three realms of Heyron (named Astrya, Junor, and Dehostra) lived in peace until they were rudely invaded. Set 30 years later, players of Edge of Eternity will jump into the aftermath of the invasion. For a full rundown of the backstory, click here.

Inspired by JRPGs both new and old, players will have the choice between classic turn based combat or the Active Time Battle (ATB) system. Like most JRPGs, players will not be travelling alone, but in a party of 4 characters they can control. Edge of Eternity also boasts an open world and a non-linear storyline, with the player’s actions ultimately having an effect on the story. Be sure to read the full list of features on their KickStarter page.


While a lot of KickStarter projects such as this one sound great on paper, Midgar Studio understands mere concept art and a few promises might not be enough to sway early backers. They have also released a early concept demo (PC, Mac, and Linux) that anyone may try out before they decide whether or not to fund the project. 

Having launched only ~12 hours before this post, Edge of Eternity has already gotten an impressive $13,000 (their goal is to hit $44,000). Stretch goals will include an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launch.

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