Be the best Night Hunter you can be in Dying Light’s ‘Be the Zombie’ mode

Dying Light creator, Techland, wants to give you a run down on how to be the best zombie you can be in ‘Be the Zombie mode’. The Night Hunter is the ultimate zombie and can only be used in ‘Be the Zombie’ mode, possessing superhuman skills that will help you get the drop on the human survivors. But even the best needs some help.

Discover the full potential of the Night Hunter and get the most of the “Be the Zombie” mode in Dying Light. Watch this special gameplay video narrated by lead game designer Maciej Binkowski and learn advanced techniques that can help you in asymmetric 4v1 PvP matches. Enjoy the new age of asymmetric multiplayer!

Check the trailer out below:

Dying Light is currently available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.